How It Works

Whether developed or not, God has given each of us a dream. Maybe it’s your passion for leadership, the hospitality system you designed or your skills on the audio team. Whatever it is, the church needs it!
Work with our team or your own to create a course that takes your expertise and puts it into reach for those serving in churches all across the world.

Grow your impact and your brand all while making a difference. We are always bringing on new volunteers to our ministry teams and with your course, they can have access to consistent training.

Offset your salary or support a ministry team with the revenue generated all while advancing God’s kingdom.

Common Questions

Are we a good fit?

We believe in creating a culture of excellence in churches across the world for the Glory of God. Do you have an area of expertise that the church can learn from?

What if I don’t have any content ready?

If you don’t already have content ready to go, our team can work with you to produce a high quality, high value product built specifically for the church.

How do I get paid?

Content Authors are paid out on the 15th of each month for all sales made in the previous month. This allows us time to process payments and account for any refunds if any.

How do you market?

We are a lean mean marketing machine! We focus on highly targeted social ads and affiliate marketing to maximize our budget and bring the most qualified leads to your course.

We Set You Up For Success

Shared Success

ChurchLearn handles all customer service, payment processing and hosting fees, all at no cost to you! You create great content for the church and we’ll do the rest.

Ease Of Use

We work with you and your team to provide the highest quality content possible. Once it’s live, just sit back and let us take it from there.


You will always own the rights to your content and can do with it what you wish. You will also have complete control over your brand’s image even though you are using our platform.


We are a new company, but we pride ourselves on constant communication and support. You will receive weekly updates on the status of your course once your course is live.