Why We’re Here

Church Learn exists to connect the expert with the novice and put excellence within the reach of every church team.

The high quality of excellence that every church desires to have, used to only be available to select churches, with large budgets. But times have changed. We recognize that what’s often needed in churches around the world is a greater knowledge base to draw from, rather than flashier equipment. So we’re creating that knowledge base. ChurchLearn.com is a platform where the more experienced can share their knowledge with those who are just getting started. Our instructors are in the trenches and bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience. By curating a consistent source of high quality content and training programs tailored to the church, we believe that we can see greater impact throughout the world for the Glory of God.

How Is It Going To Happen?

ChurchLearn.com is brand new, but the vision is huge. Like anything it takes time to grow and build momentum. As we grow and develop new content we need you to give us feed back. Sign up for our newsletter below so you can stay in the loop and please don’t ever hesitate to send us an email with feed back.

Are You An Expert?

Perhaps you’re not a newcomer, but a seasoned veteran. You’re the person we need to help us develop our high quality online learning environment! We are currently looking for content authors that have either created courses already or would be interested in turning their expertise into a course. If you feel like that’s you then please get in touch with us by Clicking Here.